About Amena Kay Thornton and Amena Global Enterprises

Amena Kay Thornton is the founder and CEO of the company Amena Global Enterprises founded in 2019.

She started working for herself by 2000 soon after she moved out on her own. It was not an easy journey being a founder and investor in her new entrepreneurship journeys.

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Quickly credit cards maxed out on business expenses and college classes were traded for long nights building her brand, marketing, and learning from books.

As she saw little success in the 3 years with her online sites, though she had reached a good point in her photography company. Scratch Photography was supporting her then partner to stay home to call clients and build out there online offerings.

In 2001, Scratch Photography had a strong presence online and was getting high net worth clients in VA, DC, and PA. Amena shot weddings at the Gaylord in DC, on the steps of the Lincoln Monument, and in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg.

She was awarded as the corporate photographer for Sysco Foods, and has photographed notable private colleges and schools, as well as for models, Girl Scouts of America, for newspapers, and stock companies.

By 2003, Scratch Photography was not the vision anymore. Weddings paid the bills, but was stressful as digital was coming in and film was getting a 3x markup and film developers where closing down. The hours in processing the film, editing in the new digital software, and providing high quality customer service was draining. 

It was time to transform fully online. Onewed.com was making money in minutes not weeks like in the photo business. Born as a side project to get more brides, Onewed transformed overnight when a person ask to advertise on the site.

Over a few weeks Amena and her partner added new advertising options and added hundreds of listings to Onewed.com. Amena learned SEO, article writing, and copyrighting, adding over 300+ articles for wedding dress companies, 100+ articles for wedding cake companies, and 1,000s of listings for wedding provider companies.

Purchased first house in 2003 at the age of 21.

In 2004, Amena married her fellow business partner.

By 2005, Onewed was supporting the growing business, Amena, her husband, and their first child Delphine. Business and life was good.

Then got a call at the office, Onewed got a capital company attention. They were serious about buying the company.

And in 2008 son Ivan was born as sold Onewed for 3.5 million, paid well the employees had and when to start up other online startups.

In 2010, daughter Nadiya was born and Amena was seeing success from commercial real estate investments made after the sale of Onewed.

Stocks were transformed to cash to buy more real estate and for the next 10 years invested in vacation real estate, multi family apartments, flips, single family portfolios, and foreclosures.

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In 2020, after 20 years Amena and her husband split up ending their business partnerships. Amena was already 2 years into rebuilding herself with a bigger vision.

That became Amena Global Enterprises.

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Amena not only a successful business woman, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor ; she also is a luxury fine art painter with colorful unique paintings she sells to individuals and corporations, she is a mother of 3 homeschooled kids, and a dedicated volunteer serving Girl Scouts of America for 8 years and her community HOA as a board member assisting in many of their needs. She loves to travel and often takes her kids and pets in their RV to check out locals for investing in the USA or by plane to explore opportunities in Europe.

What is Amena Global Enterprises?

Amena Global Enterprises is similar to Virgin, and expanding to be like Blackstone, but in a class it's own. Amena's vision behind Amena Global Enterprises has been years in the making.

All the skills she learned from graphic designing company marketing, photography, coding, SEO, building online brands from scratch, years of successful real estate investing has built this ambitious company.

Amena Global Enterprises has individual companies it funds in real estate investing, art, and online coaching. It over sees Amena Global Investments, Amena.Academy Online Training, Amena.FM Podcast Channel, Amena.Media Youtube Channel, Amena Fine Art, and growing.

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To learn more about Amena Global Enterprises check out the main site page Amena.co

To hire Amena Kay Thornton for a speaking opportunity, or for a interview use the chat feature on Amena.co with your request.